Halloween Party Celebration Ideas for Home – Enjoyable and Safe

Halloween is a celebration occurred on the night of the last day of October month. Now Halloween is celebrated across the world.  This day is dedicated for remembering the dead person including martyrs, saints and all such faithful persons. Actually, the origin of this celebrations date back thousands of years to pagan times. 

History of Halloween: 

The origin of Halloween can be track from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. 2000 years ago, the Celts lived across the land which is now known as Britain, northern France and Ireland. Some people believe it is pagon roots but some believe in Christian roots. 

Halloween Celebration Today:

Modern Day children mainly celebrate Halloween by dressed in a scary costume going from house to house in the demand of “trick – or – treat”. The typical Halloween including activities like attending any costume parties, decorating room, curving pumpkins, lighting the bonfire, visiting and haunted attraction, watching horror films or telling any scary stories. 

Halloween Celebration in UK: 

UK mainly celebrated Halloween by doing parties at their home where guests come in a theme-based costumes to reflect the day. People also gather together to watch any horror films either in home or in a movie hall. Children celebrate the day with going to trick –or – treat. They dressed up and going one house to another and knocking the door in a treat of sweets or a snack. Those who did not give any treat may be tricked with joke. 

Here are some tips and ideas to celebrate Halloween Party in your Home:

If you don’t want to send your kids for trick or treat, a good substitute is to celebrate it on home. While thanking of doing Halloween party organization in home, you first need to think about the theme of the party according to which you can select the party food, dress, decoration and other essential things.

Party Decoration Ideas:

The party decoration ideas for Halloween celebration must be scary. Create the best Halloween haunt on your home by giving a scary look of the room where you are celebrating the party. You can decorate your house with bones or large spider web or a skeleton on the outside of the room to give a scary look on your house. Also, you can use hanging bats or hanging mummy as props for the haunted house. So, you can co jure up your Halloween party that draw’s an autumn’s natural splendour punctuated with spooky touches.  You can also make your front door of the house by framing it with dried corn husks, oak leaves and ghostly bottle gourd. Halloween pumpkin is also a great choice to decorate outside the house. 

Food Ideas: 

The main attraction of any Halloween party is the children. Children always love to have some chocolaty sweet dishes. If it is so, then why not throw the Halloween party in a creepiest way. If you are giving for your kids and their friends and family, then throw the party on their style. Don’t forget think about you and your kid’s friend’s family too. So, you can organise food by keeping mind of both the generation. First you need to start with some starter. Don’t forget to keep cocktails and cake in Halloween parties as it attracts everyone.  You can make a big Halloween cakes as well as small cakes for kids. Some scary mummy cookies or some blood coloured Soup will be a great idea to start with. You can also keep some bat shaped chocolate small cakes or some crispy hotdog mummies too. 

It’s not necessary that all the food should be looked scary; you can place some chocolate candy pie, some white pizza, some crispy caramel apple crunch, sugar chocolate doughnuts or some stuffed baked potatoes too.  

In cocktail, you can also do some twist as vampire cocktail or blueberry rickety eyeball punch or zombie cocktail. So, try any of the above food items and make your party more enjoyable and fun for all.

Costume Ideas

To enjoy the party properly, food and party decoration are not enough. You need to have a proper outfit with perfect Halloween costume. Also, according to the party decoration theme, you can ask your guests to wear a theme-based costume to do a fancy dress fashion show. So, get ready for the party with the fancy hottest costumes and accessories. You can wear a costume with a gaping hole in the midsection where there can be a picture in the background with some blooded face. For kids there can also be different types of outfits with helmet in head and torch in hand or Halloween pumpkin shaped dress or blood coloured in hand and legs or wearing like a plastic army man too.

Halloween Games Ideas:  

What is Halloween party without any game ideas? Make arrangement of some games in the party to make your party more enjoyable. Halloween matching game is favourite characters and good for all ages. You can also go for a Halloween Bingo Game with a number calling sheet.  There are lots of other games to play in Halloween party like kid’s lunchbox notes and Halloween go fish game too. 

Safety Tips during Halloween:

Having a Halloween Party either for children or for adults is definitely a great fun. But to run a party smoothly and safely, you need to take care of so many small things. While deciding the menu on the party, keep in mind about the allergies because those who are attending your party may have food allergies with some common food like peanuts, dairy products, shell fish etc. Move any breakable furniture or pieces to another room where it will not broke. Keep your costume creative as well as safe too. Choose light colours or use paint for makeover instead of masks. Also, while choosing costume for your kids, pick up the right size to prevent the falls.

Celebrating Halloween party in home either for kids or adults, you always need to take care of all the parts as well as safety in order to run the party smoothly without having any accident. Make your party more enjoyable and fun with pre-planned. Keep enough time in hand to prepare everything for fun and safe Halloween party.