A collection of quality clothes that concur on all occasions to ensemble you perfectly is the concept of a “Capsule Wardrobe”. 

In other words, a Capsule Wardrobe is a collection of a small number of indispensable items of contemporary clothing such as skirts, trousers as well as coats which can be amassed with seasonal pieces.


This wardrobe consists of quality grade novelties that virtually mix and pairs up the items so as to flaunt them to keep you out of the ordinary. This idea definitely helps you as you will not be confused or perplexed in deciding on what to wear since you have limited number of classy items to plan out whereby you can get ready in the nick of time. Thus, getting ready becomes easier, quicker and more organized.


Having limited and modest clothes in your cabinet strengthens your intention of wrapping the extra clothing in a spare suitcase as you realize that they were simply occupying the unwanted space to be occupied by the few selected items that gives comfort and confidence and thus gives a feeling of being contented and gratified.


Since you have decided and are firm to have quality items in your closet, you ought to be prompted to buy the best classy clothes that are exceptional as well as durable in quality and will not yearn for surplus additions in your cupboard.


The essential items of your choice are already waiting for you in your closet and thus when you realize that you have enough of them; you are not distracted with the idea of shopping at least for your well planned and organized wardrobe thus saving money from buying the undesired stuff.


As you displace and extract the stuff of your dislike, you will be surprised and happy to find only those items of your liking and hence you will become aware of your likings and disliking and be able to differentiate accordingly and will ease your shopping budget.


Shuffling and reshuffling your closet every time and hour of the day for hunting clothes and deciding what clothes should be put on, would  definitely waste a lot of energy resulting in being restless and stressed out, as the large wardrobes not only requires more decision-making, but also requires more maintenance as well as more organization. 


Being distinct from the over dumped wardrobes; this of course is very easy with only the required minimal items that are handy with fewer clear and visible options.


Since you have already stocked and piled up your selected items, getting dressed up is no longer time-consuming and tedious. It helps in saving time before the disheveled wardrobe to step out in confidence as you are well aware about what you are wearing as it has been tried and tested.

The basic yardstick for a capsule wardrobe comprises of –

(Top layers) 2 x jackets or cardigans 

(Skirt /trousers) 4 x bottoms

6 x tops 

1 or 2 dresses

Each jacket ought to work with all tops and similarly, each top ought to work with all the bottoms. Thus, around 70 to 80 outfits can easily be made out of the 13/14 items and by only adding a jacket, 90 outfits could be made.


The definitive capsule focuses around on a jacket which is considered to be the elementary piece as the name and fame of the capsule wardrobe depends on opting the right jacket cloth with other elements such as the skirt, trousers, blouse, sweater, shoes, tights, coats or raincoat, dress, bag, a belt, jewellery gloves and evening wear.

You can categorize your clothes seasonally as per your priorities such as-

1 Periodic or Seasonal Clothes – Cotton clothes to be worn during sunny days, woolen clothes to be worn during the winter time as well as raincoats to be put on during the monsoon time.

2 The rejected clothes – There are certainly some clothes that are totally not worn for a longer period of time which goes unnoticed. You can either make the best out of the waste or discard them.

3 Clothes put on intermittently – Arrange your clothes according to the occasions such as clothes to be put on festive days, on weddings, interviews and also clothes that are not required often such as the ones to be worn at the time of funeral. 


As the capsule is the fundamental part of your wardrobe, you ought to go for neutral colors such as navy, olive, chocolate, grey, petrol blue and even the popular black.  It is advisable to add ‘greige’ (a color between grey and beige). The elements of the capsule wardrobe can last indefinitely. Certainly bright colors are not suggested as they are likely to look cheap and hence it is advisable to add only smaller items of bright color – your blouse, a scarf or a sweater

 In short, basically, a capsule wardrobe is a ‘mini wardrobe made up of versatile pieces that would definitely love to be worn”. Thus, if the wardrobe is streamlined and simplified from disorganized and disorderly collections, to a polished and modified smallish selection of clothes, you can fit yourself into to make your dressing stylish with easy. All in all, the theory of a Wardrobe is to pair up every top with every bottom.