back to school supplies



The new and exciting academic term for the school children has fast approached as the summer vacations have come to their inevitable end with mixed reactions of chuckling and giggling as well as groaning and scowling. But, indeed, it is the time to gracefully accept and greet it.

Start With A List ( Back to School Supplies):

  • It is advisable to plan your schedule and prepare a list of relevant requirements by classifying them into two parts – as list of belongings and list of purchases.
  • Prioritize them as per the wants, such as uniform, shoes and PE kit.
  • Tick mark the things already purchased so that they are not repeated and gives you a clear idea of the things left to be purchased.
  • Look online for Back to School discount code on school uniforms, study essentials, back packs, laptops and tablets as well as on stationery items for all group of ages from 5 to 16 such as Pens, Pencils, and Pads, Math set, Ruler, compass, eraser, coloring pencil, sharpeners, scientific calculators and various other wide range of school stationery that ensures your pocket to be economical.

School Uniform – Where to Look:

  • The school uniforms at Mark and Spencer’s have a wide range of collection of shirts, skirts as well as pinafores together with their best deal of offer of 2 pack of boy’s grey trousers with adjustable waist and hem.
  • At Dunnes, the deal offers for the supply of boy’s pull-up trousers available in grey and navy color, H&M’s navy or dark grey jersey sweatpants for running and rambling around as they are comfortable and durable.
  • There are 2 packs of easy- iron unisex shirts in blue and white as well as 5 pack of girl’s puffed sleeve blouses that could be worn under the pinafore available at Tesco’s F&F. It also provides knee length pleated skirts in grey.
  • The polo shirts at Littlewoods provides with a 5 pack of blue or white polo shirts both, for boys as well as for girls.

School Lunch Boxes

  • As far as for the Lunch box, children normally tend to forget or may get mixed up with the rest who possess the similar ones.
  • In order to overcome this problem, Stuck On You Bento Box is the solution as your child’s name could be grafted on the lid’s face of your choice of font and design from the different shades of navy, hot pink, light pink, light blue and mint and furthermore, it is very comfortable as it has six compartments all under one roof.
  • There are several other lunch boxes too that are equally comfortable such as “My Little” Lunch Bag available at Lunch Bag Land, the so many varieties of Insulated Large Lunch Bag, available from John Lewis, The Twin Deck Lunch Box from LakeLand as well as the Sistema Lunch boxes easily available at ASDA or Sainsbury.
  • Kidly Bento Snail Lunch Box from Kidly

Few options for  School Bag:

  • There are various types and brands of school bags to comfort the school going children and ease their burden of books, such as the Vans Van Doren Original Backpack with elasticated black mesh bottle holder at the sides along with adjustable padded shoulder straps, exterior zip-fastened pocket and main compartment.
  • The Converse EDC Poly Backpack is an ideal bag for going back to school.
  • The Nike Performance Backpack with durable water resistant fabric that ensures the essentials together with adjustable straps with Max Air cushioning adds to the comforts along with the internal laptop sleeve that fit 17” laptops and cord pockets. There are also unisex boys and girls school canvas galaxy backpack with adjustable strap, inner dividers with inner as well as outer pockets.
  • There are varieties of character school bag and backpacks at Sports Direct starts from 9 pounds.
  • If you are looking for a cheeky Girl back packs then at Accessorize its start from 12 pounds.
  • Not last but all together you can find and compare best options on

School Shoes:

  • Getting the right and comfortable pair of shoes are vital as the feet of the children keep on changing upto a certain age and also because of the fact that it can adversely affect the health, comfort and can even alter the way a child walks. Moreover, a good sole is key to shoes.
  • There are innumerable types of shoes such as Clarks Tizz Fizz BL that are soft, comfortable as well as quick to slip off and on.
  • Durable Start-rite Warrior Black Boys Riptape School Shoes that are of good fit as well as maintain the comfort level.
  • For girls: The cindy shoes is all about combining quality as well as edginess where Chipmunks Girls Eva Shoes are the type of shoes that will not slip off and are with adjustable and secure buckle opening available at House of Fraser ( starts from 25 pound) and most of stores.
  • For boys: George Boys School leather loafers with its soft and supple leather. Geox J Casey ( starts from 37 pound) have a special lining to keep feet dry ideal for feet prone to getting hot and sticky. Starts from 45 pound, Chatham Skipper children’s boat shoes with rubber soles for extra grip and so on.

School Lunch / Meal Plan:

The food tastes much palatable to the children when served with some brainstorm ideas to  make it all the more craving to them as the growing children need plenty of starchy foods for energizing them. Nutritious meals packed with fiber, protein, carbohydrate as well as vitamins helps in growing bones as well as it also serves as a healthy dose of brain power.

However, fruits/ vegetables form an essential part of the lunch.

Serving the child with potato cake, malt loaf or pancake would also be a healthy serving for the lunch.

Sandwiches could be replaced by pasta salad, rice salad, cous cous, potato salad, tabbouleh, egg based foods such as quiche, mini quiche, or frittata, baked items such as savory muffin, cheesy corn triangles, pizza slice, mini pasty, cheese and potato roll are also advisable for a healthy lunch.

School Bag Packs:

The school bag packs ought to be durable throughout the school term for the stationeries and P.E kit to be dry as well as safe for the children. Such bag packs could be purchased from the high street retailers such as M&S, George and Asda and Debenhams and also on online stores like Amazon, Tesco Direct and Very which are the attractions of the children in general because of the various designs. There are also Star Wars urban backpacks, Nike YA Just Do It Mini Backpack, Mi-Pac Nordic backpack and so on.

Scheduling Child day:

Organizing a well-planned schedule would definitely be beneficial as that would save both time as well as would be much more easier by categorizing them by way of information gathered from school such as:

  • the information about the school with the contact details
  • the child’s data sheet
  • wherein the information related to medicines, allergies
  • favorite things &  foods can be gathered
  • a highlighting after school activities
  • after school checklist
  • school reading list that helps the child in completing the reading assignments
  • the goals and aims of the child
  • kid’s rooms, closets, library books as well as the computer time log by child
  • TV viewing as well as video game time log by child should be planned in order of sequence to avoid chaos and delays in order boost the child to be in the competition.
  • Lastly, each child with their supplies and essentials would definitely enjoy Back to School.