We have been revealed some amazing beauty solutions for 2016 by keeping in mind about the modern trends of beauty. By knowing about the beauty sense, we are providing the expert recommended solutions to take care of your beauty.

After thorough research with expert specialisation, we are presenting some breakthrough skin products solutions for 2016 to protect and repair your beauty and to make you more adorable and beautiful. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on Beauty Products Deals.

DNA Repair Enzymes:

DNA Repair Enzymes is a new and great discovery by Dr. Ronald Moy who is a pioneering research scientist and specialising in ageing and skin cancer field. The regenerative and powerful properties of these repair enzymes can protect the future skin and easily repair the past too. The research scientist has already won Novel prize for Chemistry in 2015 for making the technology for the prevention of Cancer in 20 years.

These DNA Repair enzymes can ‘cutting out’ the damage and also patching the holes of the skin with healthy DNA. But level begin to diminish as increasing of age and that is why Dr. Moy has develop a trio of enzymes so that growth factors can help to start cellular regeneration which will slow down the ageing process. This will not only help your skin to look younger but also gradually becomes so.

Facial Steaming:

The steaming process trend will be going hot in 2016 which is a new way of cleansing and gently exfoliating your skin without scrubbing it. The Facial beauty steam Marigold glow is a fascinating blend of different organic flora for any type of skin even the most sensitive one too. It is the beautiful bunch of rose, dried chamomile, calendula flowers and lavender along with fennel, comfrey, nettle and rosemary too. This steam with plant essence will plump and moisturise your skin by opening the pores naturally and after moisturising, seal them again.

Mega Palettes of Morphe Brushes:

Morphe Brushes has pro make up wave with their 35 pan-palettes contain the beautiful array of colourful shades to achieve the variety of exceptional makeup effects. You can get the makeup trends starting from subtle eye enhancement to dramatic, after hours smoulder. 2016 is the year of mega palette so that people can smudge the boundaries of the makeup artistry. The palette is full of buttery powders that easily blend to give you the photo ready finishing touch.

Huda Beauty Eyelashes – Insta Brands:

Huda Kattan who is a beauty industry sensation and an award winning beauty blogger have just launched the eyelashes which is cruelty-free and long lasting with a wide range of style from feathery to full on. These eyelashes will give a brilliant look and cater to your every beauty impulse. It will definitely set to take over the eye lashes market of 2016 and give you the power of infinite makeup intelligence to make you look best by indicating the new generation.

Lip Liners Trend:

Coming from the 90’s fashion industry, a lip liner is the beauty enhancing tool that should be carried in our handbags in 2016 too.
KaplanMD is known for LIP20 volumising lip sheer with brilliant anti-ageing Lip Mask, now going to add this technology in a lip pencil, which is launching in 2016.

This lip pencil has amazing effects not only in defining the lip curve but also pamper your lips with anti ageing formula. Its creamy and smooth texture enhances the shape of the lip and also prevents your lips from lipstick feathering. Blending and combination of Peptides, Marine Collagen and other 22 organic plants will nourish your lips and repair those vertical lines too. This lip liner is available in six different shades including berry and pink/terracotta neutral too.


Another hottest trend for 2016 is the K-Beauty or Korean Beauty skin care. These products will be launched next year in 2016 spring time.
So, your beauty wardrobe has never been as good as the coming 2016.