It is the age of Internet and your kids are spending too much time to play online games. Are you getting worried for this? While you know that your children could give response to tech toys, you will definitely then go with that. But which one should you choose that your kids will love is the main thing. Not only kids, even parents are also love to play tech toys.

We have done some research and find the top 4 tech toys ideas for parents to set their son to play at home. I am sure that these toys will not disappoint you or your son. With Smart Phone Controlled Paper Airplane, Hover Shot, Eachine H8 and Aquabot Remote Controlled that aim to teach kids with life skills and entertain them, these high tech toys have lots more to offer. So, if you are looking to surprise your junior with the tech toys with full of features, it is the right place where you will get plenty of toys ideas for your kid either girl or boy.

PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane


It turns the ordinary paper plane into a Smartphone controlled flying machine. It has ranges of features as it has been designed as crash proof and it can easily flight for 10min after charge. This is the world’s first remote controlled paper airplane which contains Bluetooth Smart technology controlled by Smartphone. With responsive motion controlled and motorized frames’ 180 feet/ 55 meter range gives its users extremely flexible control in the flight.

Hover Shot


You can say this glow in the dark shooting range. It is not like any other standard target as it brings five moving target to the table and these balls will never stay still a constantly bounce around to make hitting one even harder. The Hover shot has 2 foam dark guns with one target stand. This stand has five air pillars on which the foam balls float. So, all you need to do is to knock the constantly moving balls. You can also adjust the air flow to make the balls higher or lower or you can also turn out the lights to make your game harder. You will also get instruction manual with this kit to know about the game well.

Eachine H8 Mini RC Quadcopter


It is also a tech aircraft with headless mode so that you do not need to adjust the position of the aircraft before flying. This tech toy will definitely entertain your son and he loves to play with this hour after hours. There is one key of returning function which makes it easy to find the way of home. This aircraft has 360 degree rolling facility of 4 channels through which it can do ascend, descend, forward, backward left sideward and even right sideward fly. 4 LED lights have also been set up in four directions. Overall, it is a nice tech toy that your son would love to play hour after hours.

Aquabot Remote Controlled


You can’t believe this that any remote control toy could make so much fun in game. It is a new game with remote control fish. These unique types of pet fish come with 9 built in life-like swimming modes. Each fish can easily travel to 3 different directions in 3 different modes that you can control by yourself. So, now you can effortlessly steer your Aquabot fish up down and around any obstacles in their path. So, this is really amazing that you can feel the underwater adventures by sitting at your home.

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